The 21 Day Fix Nutrition Plan and Week One Information

My 21 Day Fix arrived on Monday and I was sooo excited, it felt like Christmas morning when I received my package!!  I am beyond stoked about this program and couldn’t wait to get started! I am loving ChaLEAN Extreme  and I am getting great results but I am very curious about the portion sizes. I know I am eating the right foods, but often feel I am just eating too much! (too much of a good thing is still a bad thing!) Plus, I have a birthday coming up next month and really want to lose those 10lbs I put on over the holidays…so, I jumped in right away and started on Tuesday!

Yippeee! It's here!! :)

Yippeee! It’s here!! :)

I spent Monday evening reading through the nutrition guide and getting familiar with the plan. Your container allowance per day is calculated based on your weight and the average of 400 calories burned per fix workout.  You are then given a calorie range to stay in…this is where the containers come in! Instead of counting calories all day, you just stick to the allotted container count.

(EXAMPLE: I am in the 1,200 to 1,499 calorie range. That gives me 3 green (veggies) 2 purple (fruits), 4 Red (protein) 2 Yellow (starchy carbs) 1 Blue (nuts, ect.) 1 Orange (nuts and dressings) 2 spoons (nut butters, olive oil).)

Then, each container is broken down in the manual with a list of suggested foods.  It’s great because you can easily pick from each list and create a meal plan for the week.  I also love that the foods are listed in order of nutritional value. So the higher they appear on the list,  the more nutritionally sound they are! Of course you should have a variety of foods from the lists to give you variety of nutrients for your body. This food plan features roughly 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat, which is the perfect balance for weight loss and energy!

The containers are microwave and dishwasher safe (top rack)… I don’t actually eat out of the containers but simply use them for measuring. The cool thing is that although they seem pretty small, when I pour the contents on my plate, I’m always amazed at how much food I have!!! This is NOT a starvation diet!!! In fact, this is a balanced diet you can eat for life! (not just 21 days!) Simply increase your calories and continue to use the 21 Day Fix Plan for as long as you like.

21 Day Meal - DinnerThere are some options for milk, fruit juice, wine and other treats 3x per week, but I have decided to skip those options during the first 21 Days for optimum weight loss. (I’ll drink some wine to celebrate on my birthday!)

So, what about your ShakeO!!?? Don’t worry!! Shakeology is counted as one Red container (protein) so, you still get your Daily Dose of Dense Nutritrion!! :)

The nutrition guide has recipes (I love the dressings mixes!) and a restaurant guide, too!!

If your worried about how to keep track of all this and make it work for you…DON’T! Team Beachbody has made it SUPER  easy for you!  There are tracking sheets on the Beachbody website that can be printed and you can put your container allowance at the top and tally each meal to be sure you’ve hit all the food groups!

Tally Sheets

Day One – Total Body Cardio Fix: WOW!!! …that was about the only thing I could say after I picked my sweaty self off the floor!! Lol This really is a full body workout that incorporates weights with cardio. I literally felt this workout in my shoulders, biceps, abs, booty, hamstrings and calves!! LOVED IT :)

Day Two – Upper Fix: (with light weights or resistance bands) and a little ab work thrown in for good measure. I was sore from the previous days workout, so pushing through was definitely a challenge!! But,  I felt good and my eating is right on target!

Day Three – Lower Fix: I was TOTALLY feeling the Upper Fix!! lol…but this maybe my favorite workout so far! This workout was all about the booty! I loved how I could feel the muscles working from all angles (the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius…plus inner thigh) which is important to get the nice lifted, round look we are all after!

Today is Day Four for me, which will be Pilates Fix. I’m really looking forward to this workout to stretch out my muscles!

Days Five, Six and Seven are Cardio Fix, Dirty 30 and Yoga Fix. I’m very please with the workout plan since it offers a different focus each day. Ive lost a little over 3lbs and have not been hungry AT ALL! I’m excited to see my results at the end of these 21 Days. You can follow my results here and on my Facebook page (I’m posting a video journal).

Want in on my 21 Day Fix Accountability and Support Group?!?!  Complete the application below and I will contact you with details.  I will keep you on track to reaching your own 21 day success!!!!  The start of a new you, a healthier lifestyle and the body you have always wanted….. THE HEALTHY WAY!! :)

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